Bhutan is the only Mahayana Buddhism Kingdom in the world, with Mahayana (tantric) Buddhism as its official religion. It is practised throughout the entire country by 75% of the inhabitants. Hinduism - closely related to Buddhism, is Bhutan's second religion, practised by about 20% of the population. Christianity is on growing since many people now begin to follow. Other religions are not followed as of knowledge to any social eyes.

It was after the visit of Guru Padmasambhava tantric Buddhism dominated the country. Presently the religious sector of Bhutan is headed by spiritual leader His Holiness Je Khenpo. There are many monastic schools across the country. Ever since country's presence the monastic education was the prevailing. Ancient story tells that, one from every household was compulsory for monastic admission. Paro Taktshang (Tigers Nest), Paro Kyichu, Jampel Lhakhang, Tango Shedra, Phadjoding, Drametse Lhakhang, Yongla Gonla, Younphula Lhakhang, Bumthang Kuje, etc are some monasteries and schools.

The principles of Buddhism guide many Bhutanese people in their everyday life. With rapid modernization, reforms have been taking place and we can find monastic students scientifically sound too.

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